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Selasa, 16 Juni 2009

show how to rank in the blog

One way to enhance your blog is to install the widget ranking provided free of charge without any registration can be accessed at In addition, you can see how much popularity with the blog to see the ranking of the blog in the show from each widget.
This site provides a service option 4 ranking widget that needs to be tested, namely Google, Alexa, Technorati, and Yahoo. Besides the desired icon can be selected in accordance with your taste to adjust the view with the blog. While the steps to get the code as follows:
1. In the address type browsing
2. Or you can click here
3. Enter a blog URL and click the button Get Rank!
4. At the bottom of the page select widget
5. Then copy and save it in Notepad

The installation on BLOG
1. Login at
2. Click the Layout tab
3. Click Add a page element
4. Click ADD TO BLOG button under the HTML / JavaScript
5. Paste the code in the notepad ago on the fields in the provided.
6. Click the SAVE CHANGES
7. Move the elements in a new place in which you want,
8. Then click the Save button
9. Done.

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