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Sabtu, 13 Juni 2009

Sign up is how you wrote in the Search Engine

Sign up is how you wrote in the Search Engine ..

Blog so that we can be registered and terindex on popular search engines, then you must register your blog to search engines are. You need to register your blog or website to search engines, among the famous google, yahoo, msn and altavista (registration is free and does not need to fear dimnita cost). General tools that work to calculate the ranking of a website's traffic using four search engines, the rest from a combination of the other search engines. So the obligation to register a website url to our search engine page, the website so that we can recognize and index by search engines. If your web page opened by many other people, so if you type the keyword associated with your web, web link possibilities you can appear in front page search results search engine. Guide to register on the blog search engines you can see in my posting below.

Click the link below:

Procedures to the list of Google blog

It will then appear as the image below:

Press "Add URL", ..
out the message from google that states have successfully

Procedure list blog to Yahoo

Do not forget, your Login Email to Yahoo to make ..
It will appear in the image below, then replace the URL "" with the URL you ..

When it is successful, then the image will come out below:

3. Procedure using blog tools list submit express

Maybe you happy through add url to yahoo and google manually. Here is your website that provides services submit url mass even up to an 50 search engines.

I want to try, go to this site:

Find the section of the page yag like the picture below, type the url homepage:
for example:
Press the Continue ...

In the dialog box enter the following email, zip code (zip), country name, birth year and gender, enter the unique code yag appears in the picture (for example: D56DF), click the submit button ..

So, If Success akan images appear below ...

Good Luck..

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